Add Color to Your Life with Stained Concrete Services

Sometimes, a little color could liven up any room. So why not add that same effect on your floor? Bullion Coatings is a reliable decorative contractor that provides top quality concrete staining services in the greater Houston, TX area.

We offer an unlimited selection of colors for all types of concrete surfaces. We believe that no two customers are alike so we make sure that every time we stain, it is customized with unique patterns and design etching options to satisfy each and every customer’s unique needs.

Stained Concrete Floor Options To Choose From

When you choose to have your floor stained, it is important that you know that there are two types available. Both are effective and durable, although they offer different color intensities, effects, and designs. This gives you more than enough options to give you the freedom to match your floors with your existing color theme or to experiment with a new color to take style to a whole new level.

  • stained concrete houstonAcid Stain – This gives a semi translucent-mottled look on the floor. It gives people a beautiful one of a kind surface because acid stain reacts differently on each area depending on the type and amount of minerals and salts that are present. This way, no two concrete floors will have the exact same look. This often produces earthy colors, such as shades of brown.       Click Here to Learn More
  • stained concrete houstonWater-based Stain – This is more eco-friendly because it does not involve any chemicals. It offers a tremendous variety of coloring options and gives a more controlled look and consistency to the surface. If you want your floor to have more solid and consistent colors, then this the is most ideal. Click Here to Learn More

Call Us Today and Learn More About Stained Concrete Services!

Concrete staining is meant to add life and vibrance to your floor, so make sure that the contractor you hire is experienced and professional enough to know how to work on your projects efficiently. Bullion Coatings provide free estimates on commercial and residential water-based or acid stain jobs! Call us today at (281) 407-0779 for more inquiries. We would be more than happy to serve you!