Distinctive Acid Stain Floors For Home or Business Surfaces

Since no acid stain reaction can be predicted, such staining procedures can provide any commercial or residential floor a unique, beautiful, and stylish finish. It does not crack or peel since it becomes a part of the substrate.

Acid Stained Interior Concrete Houston

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The decorative acid stain, just like the water-based stain, has its own pros and cons. Most varieties of acid stains include water, hydrochloric acid and special acid-soluble metallic salts in their composition. This union of ingredients is designed to create a more chemical-based reaction than water-based stains. These stains work by penetrating the concrete’s surface and reacting with the calcium hydroxide in the material.

The acid in the compound etches the surface, which then allows the metallic salts to penetrate deeper into the material. This creates a more natural hue within the concrete. Once the stain begins to react, it becomes a permanent part of the material.

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