Stained Concrete Installation

Stage 1 – Preparation

Concrete preparation depends on the condition of the surface to be stained. It is important to clean the concrete thoroughly by scrubbing or grinding the surface and neutralizing it to optimize the stain penetration.

Stage 2- Stain Application

Stains are typically applied by pouring the solution into a pump sprayer and spraying the area with one or more coats to achieve the desired look.

Stage 3 – Protective Coat

A clear sealer is then added to the stained floor to protect the color from fading over time. It is advisable to reseal the surface once every two years depending on how much traffic the floor gets.

Additional Service: Micro-topping

If the floor is in bad condition it is important to address these issues first before proceeding with the stain application. Bullion Coatings introduce Micro-topping, a thin cementitious overlay material that is used to repair concrete imperfections such as chipping and spalling.