Stunning Stamped Concrete Surfaces in Houston, TX

There are hundreds of enjoyable activities one can do outdoors. Houston’s mild weather all year round makes it ideal to hang out on patios with stamped concrete. It gives residents the opportunity to get a breath of fresh air without having to leave home. A stamped overlay over a patio can instantly make the lounging area attractive, relaxing, and functional.

stamped concrete houston

What is Stamped Overlay?

It is one of the highly recommended applications that renew old concrete pool deck, patio, driveway and more. Unlike stamping where the newly poured concrete is stamped, an overlay is spread on top of an existing slab and then imprinted with patterns using stamp mats. It can mimic the look of high-end paving materials like brick, tile, flagstone, slate, and more. Staining the application can make it look more realistic and connected to the exterior style of a home.

How is it Installed?

Installing the overlay is quite simple but results are highly efficient and durable. Here is a short glimpse into the installation process of a professional concrete contractor in Houston:

  • The existing slab undergoes surface preparation, including repairs if needed.
  • The coating is mixed and then evenly applied on the surface with a trowel.
  • After it has been applied, stamp mats with a specific pattern chosen by the customer are placed on top of it and then tapped just strong enough to make an imprint.
  • If the pattern chosen is a custom stone pattern, the installer adds custom scorelines to make it look more realistic.
  • The mat is removed and the overlay is left to cure and dry.
  • If the project calls for color, stains can either be sprayed or applied manually.
  • A sealer is applied ideally to lock the design and colors while providing a protective layer to the surface.

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