3 Ways You Can Improve Epoxy Floor Coatings

floor concrete contractor applying epoxy flooring houston

Epoxy floor coatings are a perfectly convenient choice to make for garage floorings. They are durable, versatile, look great in a garage, and are pretty cost-effective considering how long they last. But if you’re looking for garage flooring that is heavy on design, epoxy floor coatings may not occur to you as the best option. But you may be surprised by the sheer variety of things you can do to spruce up an epoxy floor coating and make it more exciting for your garage floor. If any of these techniques interest you, you can ask your contractor to apply them to your own garage floor!

1. Take advantage of colored epoxy

blue epoxy flake floor

Epoxy contractors can always add color to make an epoxy floor pop. Before the epoxy is applied, contractors can mix in a pigment that will be evenly distributed on the epoxy floors. If you’re looking for epoxy floors Houston, you can choose from a range of our colors that have been specifically chosen to go well underfoot garages. Bright colored epoxy floors do particularly well in smaller garages with little light as it will make the space appear larger, and darker colors can give a garage more elegance and sophistication.

2. Make it a metallic epoxy floor

metallic epoxy floor garage

If you’re not into the flat look of regular colored epoxy floors, you may be more interested in adding a metallic effect. It can instantly transform your floors into something that is multi-dimensional and unique. By mixing in a special metallic component into the epoxy, we are able to create visually interesting floors that go beyond regular epoxy floor coatings. Metallic epoxy floors also come in a variety of colors so your options are quite broad.

3. Apply a broadcast

epoxy flake floor up close

For an easy way to both increase the durability of your floors and make the floors more visually appealing and interesting, your contractor can apply a broadcast of another material over the epoxy. Typically, this can be vinyl or quartz broadcasts that come in a wide variety of colors to give your floors color as well as more dimensions. You can choose the way the broadcast can be applied and how large the material pieces will be. For a garage, a broadcast is also extremely useful because it provides another layer of the surface to protect both your cars on top but also protect the epoxy from wear damage and track marks.

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