The Differences Between a Pool Deck Above Ground and In-Ground

When choosing what type of pool to go for, whether above-ground or in-ground, it is important to look at every single aspect involved. Planning the pool means planning the pool deck as well. These two always go together. A pool is not complete without its deck. Although both are meant to frame the pool and provide a lounging area for swimmers, each one is distinct in many different ways.

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In-ground pools are designed to be permanent, being built into a dug area in the backyard and all. An in-ground pool is built from scratch, the bottom and the entry are all customized according to the owner’s preferences. Concrete deck with above ground pool can easily be drained, relocated, or removed. The deck for this type of pool is also often temporary. An above-ground pool is an ideal option for those who want a pool fast. The pool comes in an easy-to-assemble kit. The pool deck is the built around it.


The pool deck for an in-ground pool is often made of concrete, whether it is a sub-base or not. Most decks with concrete as a sub-base is topped off with stone, tile, brick, and other heavy and more permanent materials. As for above-ground pools, the deck is often made of wood, from the deck surface all the way to its railings.

Shape and Built

In-ground pool decks are built with the pool. The edge is conjoined with the edge of the pool to keep water from getting in between the pool and the deck’s foundation. Since it is made of a concrete sub-base, it can be shaped into almost anything. A lot of features, such as fountains, fire pits, and more, can be added to an in-ground pool deck. An above-ground pool deck is often geometric because it is made of wood. Customizing a distinct shape would be a tedious process. This type of deck features a lot of railing, a gate, and minimal features.


An in-ground pool deck may cost more because it requires a steel foundation to keep the slab intact. It takes longer to install and requires a professional install. An above-ground pool deck is a common choice among those who want the luxury of a pool at a lower budget. It comes in a kit and takes only a few days to install even with a DIY installation.

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