Pool Decking Materials: What Works Best?

Upgrading the pool area is not just about improving the pool itself, it also involves the surrounding pool deck, especially the type of pool deck resurfacing material to use. This can affect the overall look of the pool area, promote safer use, and enhance the enjoyable experience of using the pool. There are so many pool decking options out there and it can create quite a bit of confusion as to which one is the most ideal. There are many pool decking materials that can be recommended but it depends on a homeowner’s style and function preferences.

Ideal Materials for Pool Decks

  • concrete-houston-diegoConcrete – As the most versatile material in the construction and home improvement industry, concrete provides homeowners with a variety of choices when it comes to economical swimming pool decks. Amongst the different concrete choices, stamped concrete pool decks are the most popular. It is affordable, can mimic more expensive materials, and very easy on the upkeep. Other choices include stained, stenciled, and engraved concrete.
  • 15 Classic Texture (Commercial)Spray-On Coatings – An acrylic spray-on pool deck coating is also an affordable method of resurfacing old pool decks. This provides a new surface that can be troweled, stained, and stamped. It is slip-resistant, durable, and a lot cooler underfoot, compared to other deck surface materials.
  • pool deckingPavers – Whether it is brick, stone, or concrete pavers, this is a traditional method of making a pool deck more aesthetically pleasing and functional. This, however, requires more maintenance since moss and weed can grow in between the units. The great thing about this is that pool deck repairs are a lot easier because one only has to replace the damaged pieces, not the entire deck.
  • pool deckingStone – Flagstone, travertine, slate, and more. These are just some of the popular choices for pool decks when it comes to natural stone.                                                                                                 Everyone knows that it can be quite an expensive choice but its durability is highly reliable.
  • Tile – Often used in areas where water is present, tile is always preferred especially around pools. However, it is important to choose the unglazed or textured type as tile can get very slippery when wet. Also, installation is a lot more complex and expensive.

Why Pool Deck Resurfacing is a Hit

Of all the materials that can be used for the pool area, coatings and overlays are probably the most preferred because of its affordability, durability, and customizable properties. Also, it can be done on an existing concrete pool deck. Homeowners won’t have to worry about spending for the old concrete to be torn out and re-poured and having to wait weeks or months for everything to be completed. If you have pool deck plans or ideas, you might want to discuss with a pool deck resurfacing contractor to learn more about your options and to help you decide on which material would be most beneficial to your needs.

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