Choosing the Right Concrete Patio Materials

Homeowners are very meticulous when choosing the right flooring for interior use. The same should be done when planning floors for outdoor living spaces. More so because it is exposed to more harmful elements. A concrete patio is an extension of the living space inside so it needs to be durable enough to withstand outdoor weather and foot traffic. There are many different concrete patio ideas out there so choosing the right can be quite tricky. To help guide you in making a sound decision, here are some of the most ideal decorative concrete materials:

Colored or Stained Concrete

stained concrete patioThere is no simpler way to liven up old boring concrete but by adding color to it. There are many different ways to colorize concrete but a stained concrete patio is probably the most popular. This is because it penetrates more than just the surface of the floor, making it last longer. Also acid staining provides uniquely creative patterns and hues on the floor that cannot be replicated on any other floor.

Stamped Concrete

stamped concrete patioA stamped concrete patio is the most popular method of resurfacing because of the variety of design and color options associated with it. From the simple brick pattern to a more complicated natural stone look, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Also, stamping creates a texture that makes it slip-resistant. This is ideal for open patios that often get rained upon.

Acrylic Spray Coatings

concrete patio resurfacing This spray-on acrylic solution is sprayed and troweled manually to create an interesting texture for better traction. The best feature of this patio resurfacing option is that it has the property of staying cool underfoot even after being exposed to the heat of the sun for hours. This is great if you love to walk barefoot on your outdoor living space.

Exposed Aggregate

concrete patio houstonAlthough it comes with a higher concrete patio cost, exposed aggregate is very much stylish and appealing. This is ideal if you are willing to wait as this may take longer to install. There are many aggregates to choose from when installing these so better ask a professional concrete patio contractor about your options and what is most ideal to fit your needs and style preference.

Concrete Patio Pavers

concrete patioIf you have the money to invest on a patio, concrete pavers would be a good choice. Each interlocking piece is installed one by one to create patterns on the patio floor. This is quite easy to repair, since a damaged piece can be easily removed and replaced. However, it may require more maintenance than other options mentioned here.

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