Cleaning Spills on a Concrete Floor

We all know that concrete is an extremely durable product, while we know that this one’s a proven fact, but spills that are spilled on a concrete floor may and can cause stains. Be sure to always clean the spills properly. But always keep in mind that you may need to use different cleaning methods and materials for you to eliminate the various substances that are on your concrete surface.

Grease and Gasoline Spills

Using a powdered dishwasher detergent to eliminate the grease and gasoline on your concrete. Cover the spill with the detergent and let it stay there for about 10 minutes. Once the cleaning agent has soaked into the stain, use a stiff broom to scrub it off from the floor. The cleaning substance is responsible for breaking up the grease while it soaks it out of the concrete. The leftover dryer lint can also be used to soak up all the oil and grease.

Cleaning Concrete Spills

Antifreeze Spills

Antifreeze spills are very dangerous to animals and children. Make sure to clean them up right away to eliminate these health risks. If the antifreeze has dried on the concrete, you’ll need to rehydrate it by splashing a little bit of water on it. The next step is to sprinkle a powdery laundry detergent over the spill. Cover the stain on the concrete with several sheets of newspaper and sprinkle water over the covering. Let the mixture sit for approximately three hours. Once time passes, you can now scrub the area with a stiff brush. After that, rinse the entire area with clean water and then allow it to dry.

Maintain Your Concrete Floor

If you want to increase the lifespan of your concrete floor and prevent it from having any damage on it, the best thing to do is to sweep and clean them regularly. After cleaning the dirt and debris away, you can scrub your concrete floor with a cleaning solution that has 1 cup of detergent and 2 gallons of hot water.

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