Colored Concrete: Spicing Up Your Dull Floor

interior-floor-stainingThe first thing that comes into people’s minds when they hear the word concrete is a blank, boring gray slab. While this material can spice up your Houston space, it also adds a great deal of charm and beauty to any floor or space in your home. There’s a huge selection for all things colored concrete. It depends on the type of color that you prefer and you can get all creative with it.

Solid Colors. Bullion Coatings has a lot of Sundek color choices, like signature colors known as SunColor. It’s a water-based coating with an acrylic finish. This type works on a majority of concrete floorings, making it a versatile material. If you have a surface where there is a high amount of traffic (like garage floors), SunSplash is perfect because it adds resistance and protects your surface from UV light and vehicle traffic. It’s also stain and slip-resistant. We also have colors in the form of color chips that we place on top of a freshly applied concrete, making it have an accentuated color suitable for your home.

Patterns. The majority of colored concrete surfaces in Houston TX are designed to be applied as a single color in a specific area. With the help of a quality contractor, it’s more than possible to create long-lasting and durable design that would be able to protect your investment for years to come. There is also what we call SunCanvas, a product that can be applied for home and work space indoor floors and walls. This makes it very versatile and ideal for just about any indoor space.

Color Selection. Selecting color involves a lot of things to consider. First things first, if you’re having difficulty in choosing one, you might want to consider the opinion from the other members of your family or even your friends. You should also consider the surrounding décor. Now we’re not here to introduce you to an interior design course, but just to tell you some things that you need to take into consideration. If an area is likely to get dirty, a neutral and mottled color can be used as it shows less dirt. In outdoor areas, like your pool deck, patios and garage floors, lighter colors are the best as they won’t heat up when exposed to sunlight which would be really painful to walk on when barefoot.

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