Concrete Staining: The Best Colored Concrete Option

colored concrete acid stainWhen it comes to affordable but highly decorative flooring upgrades, nothing beats the popularity of stained concrete. Aside from being an affordable option over other materials, it can be customized in such a way that no two stained floors look exactly the same. Not everyone may know but there are two types of concrete staining products available: acid-based and water-based stain. Both are highly recommended and can be combined with other services such as decorative concrete stamping. If you are torn from having to choose between these two, here is a breakdown of the benefits of each to help guide you in making a well-rounded decisions.

Benefits of a Water-based Stain for Concrete:

This is a non-reactive stain that penetrates the concrete by depositing color pigments into the open pores of the surface, thus, creating a colored film or coating on the surface.

  • If you are interested in more opaque and solid colors, then staining concrete with a water-based solution is the best choice. It also comes in a wide range of colors, from pastels to earth tones and more!
  • Because of its non-reactive property, this type of stain produces more consistent and uniform colors all throughout, making it ideal for very specific patterns or designs.
  • This is a more user-friendly option because it requires fewer installation steps compared to an acid-based stain. For one, the surface needs not be neutralized and there is no rinsing necessary after you stain concrete.
  • Water-based stains are more environment friendly, all thanks to its low volatile organic compound content. It is safe to use even around the lawn.                    

Benefits of an Acid-based Stained Concrete:

  • The mixture used to acid stain concrete consists of hydrochloric acid, metallic salts, and water. It causes a reaction when it comes in contact with the concrete’s natural chemical content.
  • Because of the uncontrolled chemical reaction that an acid stain produces, the floor acquires a unique, translucent, almost marbled look that cannot be replicated.
  • Because of its high VOC content, it is highly recommended for a professional concrete contractor who knows how to stain concrete to handle such a job. After the application, it needs to be rinsed and neutralized and the chemical residue needs to be disposed properly.
  • It penetrates the concrete floor more making the stain a lot more durable, so you won’t have to worry about the color peeling or chipping off from your floor. 
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