7 Common Concerns about Stamped Patios

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Stamped Concrete Patio

A patio is an extension of an indoor living or dining room. It enables homeowners to accommodate guests or to have a place to relax while enjoying the wonderful elements of nature. However, it is not enough to have an outdoor space and some furniture out there. It must also look as good as it functions.

One of the elements on a patio that should be deeply considered for improvement would be the floor. Why? Because it can be viewed both from the outside as well as in. The trend nowadays is stamped patios. Although a decorative concrete patio comes highly recommended, there are still concerns from those who are still hesitant. Here are some of the most common concerns and their resolutions.

How Real It Would Look

Stamped concrete is meant to replicate the aesthetics of more expensive materials at a fraction of the cost. Homeowners are worried that it would look fake and cheap. Most stamp patterns are patterned from the actual material it is substituting. This way, the stamp looks just as real. Colors can be customized and you may need to check a contractor’s portfolio to see how good their installer is in replicating colors.

Cracks and Repairs

A stamped concrete overlay is a very durable product. To make sure that it won’t crack, installers create expansion joints to give the concrete some room to move along with the ground underneath. In case a crack appears, it can be easily repaired.

Fading Color and Touch-ups

After a surface has been stamped, it can be customized with colors. It is but natural for it to fade due to harsh elements and foot traffic, but it can be easily restored with cleaning and resealing.

Texture and Slip-Resistance

Stamped patios are often textured. As long as the sealer used on it is not the film-forming type, it has quite good traction. Also, extra texturing can be done on its surface to make it even more slip-resistant even when wet.

Available Patterns and Colors

If you look at photos of several stamped concrete patio ideas, you would see the wide variety of possible designs. There are several patterns and colors to choose from so you can trust that you have room for creative concrete patio ideas.

Affordability of Stamped Concrete

Cost is always a huge concern. Any home improvement requires some spending but stamped concrete is a more economical alternative to the actual material it is being substituted for.

Lifespan of Stamped Patios

Just like conventional concrete, stamped patios can last for years, as long as you hire a professional who is trained and experienced on how to stamp concrete. Also, it would help if he makes use of reliable and efficient products to make your stamped patio last for decades with only very minimal maintenance to keep it that way.

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