Concrete Applications Houston, TX: Stamped, Stained, Epoxy, etc.

Are you looking to upgrade or improve the look of your concrete structures and surfaces that have gone dull over time? Our full line of concrete applications will take care of all your construction, repair, and beautification needs. Our company utilizes top-of-the-line tools and techniques and pair them with the most skilled and reliable experts that have multiple years of experience to make sure that the quality of service we provide you is second to none. Our goal is to gain satisfied customers out of you and a long-term relationship that will last a lifetime.

We are proud to be a nationally-recognized decorative concrete contractor in the Greater Houston, TX area, with over 30 years of experience in the industry and an A+ rating by the BBB, specializing in stamped concrete, resurfacing, refinishing, resealing, staining, and repair. 

Innovative Concrete Resurfacing Solutions make up an integral portion of our expertise. Whether it is a commercial or residential space, we meet every resurfacing and repair job head-on. Virtually on any cement surface, it can be your worn out pool deck, porch, patio, driveway, garage, sidewalk, and many other concrete surfaces in your property that needs maintenance or makeover.

Stamped Concrete

stamped concrete

Stamp overlay is one of the projects that is widely-popular at the moment and involves an overlay and imprinted patterns. If you are looking to improve the look of worn-out, old floors, and surfaces, concrete stamping will do the trick! It embeds a design into concrete and ensures that it will last a long time. The stamped overlay can also be stained for a more customized look, which is ideal for all outdoor concrete surfaces. You can opt to select from our wide range of patterns and designs or inquire about doing a custom job for you to meet your every specification.

Stained Concrete

stained concrete houston

Make colors your most trusted ally. Staining is a way to enhance plain concrete surfaces in no time. Staining can be done directly on an overlay, coating, even on an old slab, suitable for both indoors and outdoors use, on commercial and residential spaces alike.

Sundek Classic Texture

sundek classic texture houston

is a type of coating for cement, and is one of the most well-known acrylic knockdown texture systems there is. Originally meant for construction of pool decks, it is also suitable for concrete patios, front entryways, residential driveways, and many more. Sundek Classic Texture is a popular choice due to many properties. It is slip-resistant, 30% cooler in temperature than typical concrete, and available in a variety of designs like stamped overlay.

Epoxy Coatings

epoxy coatings houston

Epoxy coating is a coating compound made up of epoxy resin and polyamine hardener. It is known to have outstanding mechanical properties and is widely used in the construction of industrial concrete floors due to its superior quality and durability.

Epoxy flooring is another option to coat your floor surfaces that is sure to add to its appeal while affording safety and durability at the same time. The polished, clean look that it provides requires minimum effort to maintain, and the vast array of color combinations available allows you to personalize the design of your living space further.

If there is one downside to epoxy flooring, the installation process is time-consuming and quite messy, making it a complicated DIY project. Not to worry, it is one of the services that we are glad to provide and work with you.

Polyurea Polyaspartic

polyurea polyaspartic houston

Just like epoxy, polyurea polyaspartic is a robust coating that instantly upgrades the functionality of your floor surfaces. The difference between the two is that polyurea polyaspartic floors take only 30 minutes to install and cure, unlike epoxy, which can take several days. This type of coating is well-suited for extremely high temperatures making it ideal to use here in Texas.


flagstone flooring houston

Flagstone is a sedimentary rock with various colors and layers that make for an exciting new idea to upgrade the look of concrete. It is ideal for decorative purposes as it accentuates and helps project vibrant and exotic shades that is sure to make the walkways, patios, interior flooring, and other concrete surfaces in your home or place of work stand out.


limestone flooring houston

Limestone Design is the premier architectural concrete coating there is. It transforms surfaces into a work of art, giving stucco, hardboard, sheetrock, foam, walls, bricks, concrete, cinder block, and pre-cast moldings several limestone “look” options that you will surely love.

Let us help make your limestone look investment worthwhile. Call or visit us now for more information.

Sundek Products

We are an authorized Sundek Installation Contractor in the Greater Houston, Texas area that services your needs for concrete coatings and restoration products for concrete.

Sundek is perfect for pool decks and concrete patios resurfacing, with top-of-the-line coating systems that will bring out the best look to both old and new surfaces.

Interested in any of these services? Feel free to call us at (281) 407-0779 or fill out our online form to request a free quote or inquire about any additional information that you might need. We can’t wait to work with you!

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