Factors to Consider for a Concrete Driveway Cost

Is budget keeping you from improving your driveway? It shouldn’t. While concrete is quite affordable compared to other types of paving materials, it doesn’t look the most attractive, especially for an area that somewhat represents the whole property. This is what concrete driveway resurfacing was made to do.

concrete driveway cost

It aims to provide all the wonderful features of expensive upgrades at a friendlier concrete driveway cost. The total costs, of course, will depend on several factors. Be guided, check out this list of influential factors:

Size of Driveway

This is probably the first thing a contractor would check since concrete driveway installation and resurfacing costs are measured per square foot. So the wider and longer a driveway is, the more costly it would be.

Surface Preparation

For a decorative concrete resurfacing project, the existing slab needs to have a raw, damage-free surface for the overlay or coating to adhere effectively. Also, repairing any surface damage prior to resurfacing will help prevent any future damage. Concrete surfaces without issues need to be ground to remove any old paint, sealer, or any other floor coating. Preparing the surface may add to the total charges, especially if it involves some repairs.

Design & Coloring Effects

The more decorative a concrete driveway would be, the more expensive it would cost. The cost of stamped concrete overlay, for example, will vary depending on how complex the pattern would be and if two or more patterns will be integrated into the design. The same goes for stained concrete driveways. Prices may vary on the type of stain used, whether acid or water-based. It may also vary on how many colors are used and if a specific design, image, or logo is incorporated on the driveway.


One factor that may affect the total concrete driveway cost is the cost of materials in your area. This will depend on whether the material needed for the project is readily available in your area. Anything that needs to be shipped from outside your town will add to your project cost. Labor is also something that needs to be considered. Professional concrete driveway contractors often offer competitive rates but it would still be wise to ask for a quote from each reliable one in your area. Then choose the one with the most acceptable quote, based on the budget you have prepared for the concrete driveway upgrade.

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