Factors that Affect Concrete Pool Deck Costs

concrete pool deckA concrete pool deck requires a shorter installation time at a cost that is more affordable than other pool deck materials. Brick, pavers, tile, and even natural stone completes in a longer period of time and is a lot labor-intensive because it is installed piece per piece. No wonder people are opting for the easier and faster way of improving pool decks. Plus, it provides a wide selection of styles and colors so homeowners can acquire floors that actually satisfy their style preferences. However, not everyone can afford an upgrade. Knowing what it costs and why it amounted to that can help people, especially those with tight budgets, in planning their pool deck upgrades efficiently.

Influential Factors to Pool Deck Resurfacing Cost

  • Decorative Pool Decking Options – Simpler designs cost less than more elaborate ones. Say, for example, a stamped concrete pool deck with a natural stone pattern will require more time to complete because it has to be hand-stained to make the mimicry to real stone a success. Additional features and contrasting patterns are also factors that play a huge role in the resulting cost for resurfacing pool decks.
  • Location and Size of Project – How wide the pool deck is and where, geographically, it is located also affects the total costs. Some areas have more expensive labor and material costs than others. Concrete pool deck resurfacing cost is calculated per square foot, so the larger the area, the more expensive it will be.
  • Contractor Skills & Experience – When it comes to pool deck plans and ideas, it is but natural to consult a professional concrete contractor. This can also influence . How? Contractors that are more skilled and those with more years of experience may charge more than startups. This is because the quality of their work is a lot better than those who just learned how to apply pool deck coatings or overlays.

Price Range for Swimming Pool Decks

Going back to the affordability feature of concrete and considering the major factors that could affect costs, just how much would it actually cost for a pool deck resurfacing service? Here is a rough estimate:

  • For a simple design involving a single color and decorative concrete resurfacing technique – $6-$10 per square foot
  • For a customized design involving multiple colors and a border or coping in a contrasting design – $10-$15 per square foot
  • For an elaborate or complex design involving borders or copings, manual coloring, and more complicated patterns or score lines – $15+ per square foot
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