5 Concrete Staining Designing Ideas To Try

Decorative concrete is a popular remodeling option among residential and commercial property owners in Houston, Texas nowadays. What’s not to like? It provides great aesthetics, durability, easy upkeep, and more. Plus, it is an affordable investment. One particular type of decorative concrete solutions is concrete staining. It is an ideal method of coloring concrete because colors penetrate deeper and last longer. It can be used on both exterior surfaces and interior floors. If you are interested in staining concrete, be it water-based or acid staining, here are some cool ideas you could try:

Color in Patterns

stained concrete houstonThere are several patterns you could try out using concrete stained floors. A checkered floor is one of the most popular and is ideal for commercial spaces or a really quirky home. You can use alternate colors that either contrast or complement each other. These can be done by creating stencils to help control where the color goes. Other patterns and prints you could try are stripes, floral, polka dots, swirls, plaid and more.

Multicolored Surface

concrete staining houstonWhy settle for one color when there are numerous hues to choose from? The great thing about concrete stains is that it comes in a wide range of colors. You can use as many as you want. Create a kaleidoscope-inspired design on the floor and add some custom designs on it if you want.


Water-inspired Colors

interior floors houstonThis is ideal for baths, toilets, water resort lobbies, and other floors in places that involve water. You can choose to a water-based or acid stain in a blue color. There are several shades of blue and you can ask a professional contractor to customize a color for you. They do this by mixing blue with different colors until they acquire the right shade you are looking for.

Glam Metallic

decorative concrete houston

Yes, you can add sparkle to concrete stain! A metallic color can be used alone or with other colors for a more interesting effect. A layer of concrete sealer on top will enhance the glitter and shine of the metallic, making it more mesmerizing.


Natural Stone and Wood

stained concrete houstonStains are so versatile that it can be used to mimic the random colors and effects of stone and wood. Professional artisans are skilled in using different types of stains to acquire the natural look of slate, flagstone, travertine, and more. As for wood, you can choose to have red oak, walnut, chestnut, and even the weathered look of reclaimed wood.

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