Cool Decking Houston: First Rate in Heat Reflective & Textured Concrete Surfaces

Concrete pool decks are practical options but it may require resurfacing or refinishing solutions, like cool decking, to make it more appealing and functional. This is quite important since the pool area is a popular spot during a warm summer day. However, the constant exposure to sunlight can make the surface very hot, making it difficult to walk on. Cool deck coatings can make it cooler and more comfortable, especially for bare feet.

Decorative concrete solutions make any concrete surface more reliable than it ever was. A cool deck overlay enhances heat reflectivity, slip-resistance, aesthetics, and durability. After a concrete resurfacing using this overlay, one could truly enjoy the refreshing benefits of a swimming pool area.

Benefits of a Cool Pool Deck Knock Down Finish

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While there are many different texture coatings available nowadays, a spray knockdown finish concrete pool deck comes highly recommended. Here are some of the most notable reasons why:

  • Resealing with this coating makes the surface of concrete more heat-reflective. This means the surface reflects heat back instead of absorbing it. As a result, the surface is 30% cooler even during long hours of sun exposure.
  • The knockdown texture on concrete caused by spraying and trowelling the coating onto the concrete improves slip-resistance. Imagine a more subtle stucco surface that is not slippery even when wet.
  • A cool deck repair is ideal for restoring concrete, especially those that have evident surface damage like stains, hairline cracks, discoloration, and the like.
  • Of all pool deck coatings, a spray knockdown finish is one of the most affordable options. It uses just a thin coating, requires minimal manpower and labor, and takes a smaller amount of installation time.

The need for a restorative solution for old and damaged concrete made several companies create and develop their very own products and services. Stardek and Surecrete have introduced coatings that do not absorb heat. KoolDeck has introduced Kool Decking to the market, promising cooler concrete surfaces that are stamped with non-skid textures. Some companies even offer dealerships, like CTI, EliteCrete, and Sundek. Sundek’s cool deck coating called Sundek Classic Texture is one of the most recommended spray-on coatings in the Houston area.

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Why endure walking on hot concrete when we can make it cooler for you? Whether you have a worn-out pool deck coating or are looking to install a new one, we can help you with that. Bullion Coatings is a licensed concrete contractor that specializes in resurfacing and refinishing concrete. We are proud of our 30-year experience in the concrete industry, our highly trained team, and our great attention to detail. We guarantee reliable pool decks at a price you can afford.

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