Top 5 Advantages to Having Decorative Concrete

Concrete is almost as common as any household item could be. It remains to be the preferred foundation for most structures because it is as durable as time. Nowadays, it has become more than just a foundation, it has become a decorative material for homes and businesses alike. This versatility made it stand out amongst the meticulous and stylish of home improvement enthusiasts. Gone are the days when people perceived it as this gray dull surface. Decorative concrete is here now and looks like it is here to stay.

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Decorative Concrete Pool Deck

The Perks of Decorative Concrete

But what perks do you really get if you choose to have decorative concrete floors in your home or business? Is it a sound investment despite its economical status? It is high time you learn about the advantages of decorative concrete resurfacing and why it is welcomed and embraced by residential and commercial owners.

  • It is candy for the eyes. Aesthetic appeal is a very big deal, whether you admit it or not. You don’t just walk on a floor, you have to look at it as well. So might as well have something that satisfies your eyes and complements your interior and exterior style in the process, like a decorative stamped concrete floor. Decorative concrete patios, walkways, driveways, and pool decks increase your home’s curb appeal. This alone could increase your property’s resale value tremendously.
  • It requires effortless cleaning and maintenance. Any house or commercial space needs to be cleaned and maintained but not so much that it eats up all of your precious time. Decorative concrete overlays are meant to give you the look of a well-maintained floor minus the cleaning products, heavy duty mopping, and exhausting vacuuming.
  • Can make floors a lot safer. This is critically important because most slips and falls are caused by the floor being slippery or uneven. Decorative concrete coatings not only puts a thin base for customization, it also evens out the floor, covers unpleasant blemishes on the old concrete, and adds a texture that provides better traction and slip-resistance.
  • Great value at a fraction of the cost. Once a decorative concrete contractor completes your floor project, you would be surprised at how expensive it looks. In fact, remember that elegant lobby you saw at a hotel? It could be replicated with decorative concrete stains. Although the cost is minimal, the possibilities are endless.
  • It is eco-friendly. How? Well, you get to save water because you won’t have to powerwash it ever so often. You save electricity because you won’t have to plug your vacuum cleaner as often as you did before you had decorative concrete. It won’t even add to the waste in the landfill because you won’t have to tear out your old concrete slabs.
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