3 Tips on Keeping Decorative Concrete Clean

Decorative concrete is a trending solution to enhancing and improving concrete surfaces at an affordable cost. It is important for property owners to know that it is not maintenance-free. Although it still needs to be cleaned and maintained, the process is a lot easier and less expensive than other flooring and paving materials. The following are tips on how you can maintain the brand new look and functionality of resurfaced and refinished concrete spaces.

Sweep and Mop When You Can

decorative concrete cleaningSweeping a decorative concrete floor regularly removes any dirt that may have found its way there before they accumulate, build-up, and become harder to remove. If dirt has become too stubborn to sweep off, clean it with a wet mop. You may add dishwashing soap because it is non-abrasive and safe on concrete surfaces.

Seal Any Decorative Concrete Surface

decorative concrete patioMost contractors highly recommend sealing a concrete floor and with good reasons. Aside from enriching the color and adding a bit of shine, sealers also serve as a protective layer from dirt and other harmful elements. There are different types of decorative concrete sealers so make sure to consult the contractor who installed your surface so they can advise you on the right sealer to use.

Pressure Wash When Needed

Pressure washing is an effective method of cleaning stubborn dirt and stains on any surface. Although effective, it must only be done occasionally as frequent exposure to the pressurized water might be detrimental to the coating or overlay installed on your concrete slabs. When pressure washing, keep the hose a good distance away from the surface to minimize the pressure. Also, move the hose constantly and never let it spray on one spot too long to prevent damage.

Keeping your decorative concrete in tip-top shape not only maintains the condition of your investment but also extends its lifespan to several more years. Well-maintained surfaces increase the value of your home and prevent accidents or injuries caused by dirty or damaged concrete. It is highly recommended to consult your decorative concrete contractor to ask about cleaning and maintenance tips appropriate for the type of floor or outdoor surface you have and the material used on it. If you have a cleaning product you are interested in using, ask them about it, too, to make sure that it is safe for use on your resurfaced or refinished floors.

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