Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Resurfacing the Concrete Driveway

Resurfacing the concrete driveway is a practical solution for covering up damage and restoring the concrete slab. Some homeowners opt to do the task themselves while some would rather hire a pro to do it. Whatever it is that helps you get the concrete driveway that you want, there are certain tips in resurfacing that you should avoid at all cost.

concrete driveway resurfacing

Improper Concrete Overlay Mixing

Any type of resurfacing work requires a mix with the right balance of ingredients. First off, only quality products must be used if you want the driveway to be durable and long-lasting. Secondly, the mix must be balanced enough. The mix must be done according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Certain concrete mixes are different from the others so do make sure to read the label.

Skipping Surface Preparation

The existing concrete driveway must be clean enough and in pretty good shape for the overlay or coating to adhere. Skipping the surface preparation process may shorten the work time but it will also shorten the life of your driveway.

Not Honoring Curing Time

The time needed for the overlay to cure is crucial. Using the driveway too early may ruin the new top layer, requiring unnecessary repairs in the future. Curing is when the material dries and sets completely. During this time, all activities must be put on hold. If the weather is quite erratic, cover up the newly resurfaced driveway with a tarp or plastic sheet.

Uneven Application

There are self-leveling materials and there are those that are not. It can be difficult installing the material evenly especially on a driveway. The surface could be curved, sloped, or slanted, making an even application such a huge challenge. The best way to address this is to level the driveway prior to installing the coating or overlay.

It is acceptable that humans are subject to err but not when resurfacing a concrete driveway. Sure, there are mistakes to be made but if it can be avoided, then it would be so much better. You get to save precious time and hard-earned money by doing the process right the first time. Not only are you guaranteed to acquire successful results, your investment will also be well worth it. If you want guaranteed work, hire a pro. It may cost a bit more than a DIY but mistakes are less likely to occur.

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