5 Reasons Why Fall is the Perfect Season for Concrete Resurfacing

Decorative concrete resurfacing is the process of replacing the top layer of a concrete patio, pool deck, driveway, or any other concrete space to create a more updated look and improved function. Although a professional contractor can do this pretty fast and efficiently, timing is crucial. The temperature must be right to ensure proper drying and curing. The most recommended time of year to install coatings or overlays on both outdoor and interior floors is during the fall season. Here are notable reasons why:

Stable Climate

Fall climate is more stable and predictable. There is no humidity in the air anymore, the days are warmer, and the nights are cooler, too. Resurfacing any concrete surface can be disastrous if the temperature is too hot as the overlay will dry too fast, causing unwanted cracks and brittleness. If the temperature is too cold, the water in the mix will freeze immediately, causing the resurfacing material to crack and break into pieces.

Contractors are Available

Most contractors are often booked during summer and spring. It can be quite hard to get someone to resurface patio, driveway, basement, or garage floors during peak seasons. During fall, only a few contractors are doing resurfacing jobs so you should be able to hire one easily.

Prepares the Concrete for Winter

It is important to resurface a concrete space before winter comes. Freeze-thaw cycle can cause terrible damage to a slab if there is damage. Addressing cracks, holes, and other surface issues will protect the slab through winter, especially if the concrete has been sealed.

Just in Time for Summer

Resurfacing a concrete pool deck in fall makes it ready for use when summer comes back around again. Imagine having to resurface the pool area during summer. There won’t be enough time left to use the pool since all summer would be spent remodeling and waiting for the overlay to cure completely.

Material Cost is Low

Since fall is an off-peak season for concrete projects, the price of materials and equipment are at its lowest, too. If the contractor would require anything for repairs and the overlay installation itself, it can be easily bought without compromising the total costs of the project. Labor cost is also better this time of year. The contractor has more time to focus on your project and the project deadline can be stretched.

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