What Type of Decorative Concrete Floor Is Right for You?

With so many types of concrete floors available on the market all promising to be the perfect flooring option for you, it can get pretty overwhelming to decide on what kind of concrete flooring is right for you. What are the major types of concrete floors and how can you tell if it is what you’re looking for? As a concrete contractor Houston company, we have all the answers for you in this blog post.

#1 Stained concrete floors

Stained concrete floors are one of the most popular concrete flooring options because of their unique colorful quality. Unlike regular concrete, stained concrete does not have a flat grey appearance that has come to define concrete floors. Instead, they can make concrete floors come in a wide variety of colors and effects depending on the kind of stain that is used on the floors.

Best for: People who want the functionality and durability of concrete but want color on their floors to create an eye-catching element for their space

#2 Stamped concrete floors

stamped concrete

Stamped concrete is a flooring option that works for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Both indoors and outdoors, stamped concrete techniques can be used to copy other flooring materials like wood or stone. Using stamping mats, skilled contractors, and stains, concrete can be used to look exactly like wood or stone. And near pool decks, stamped concrete is a versatile and decorative flooring that also provides slip-resistance. In both uses, the choice for design is almost unlimited.

Best for: People looking to incorporate design and pattern into their flooring or for those looking to mimic the appearance of other more expensive flooring materials

#3 Concrete overlays

Concrete Patio Resurfacing
Project: Concrete Patio Resurfacing Application: Sundek Classic Texture, Color: Pewter Gray Special Effects: Custom Scoreline

If you already have concrete floors and are either looking to stamp them (something that cannot be done on old concrete floors) or are looking to cover up cracks and other imperfections, a concrete overlay is an available option. Unlike regular concrete, concrete overlay material has a binder mixed in to make it adhere to the surface. Once dried, it will look just like you’ve had new concrete floors installed and will function in the same way.

Best for: People looking to refresh their old concrete floors without replacing the entire slab

#4 Polished concrete

commercial decorative concrete floor hotel

The undisputed darling of modern flooring, polished concrete is a surprisingly easy and affordable flooring option that will suit any room. Using chemical densifiers and grinders, your regular concrete floors can be transformed into sleek and expensive-looking floors that are also stain-resistant and durable. The color, grade, and finish can also be customized according to your vision.

Best for: People looking for minimal modern floors that will never go out of style

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