Floors For Living in a Hot Climate

When it comes to choosing flooring materials for your home, the climate might not even be a factor you are considering. But not only is it important to consider for the sake of your own comfort, choosing the right flooring can save you a lot of trouble (and money) in the future. Choosing the perfect material for your floors ensures that they will last a long time. Aside from the actual average temperature of your days, also consider humidity and chances of flooding. If you live somewhere with a hot climate, consider these flooring materials for your home:

Stained Concrete

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Concrete works in almost any climate and can be especially beneficial in hot climates as it naturally maintains a cool temperature and is resistant to moisture and flooding. If you’re hesitant to get concrete floors because of its look, remember that you can achieve almost any look or design with concrete staining. Concrete staining allows you to get all the benefits of a cool concrete floor while also getting a unique and attractive design. It is also a highly durable material and can last for many years if maintained properly.


floor tiles

Both stone and ceramic tile will be cool under your feet, which is great in hotter climates. It will need to be properly sealed on top and underneath though, as it is not naturally resistant against moisture. You will also need to clean it regularly as it may develop grout between the tiles; it is not as low-maintenance as other materials on this list.


Cork, though less common, has become increasingly popular because of its natural fire-resistant and temperature-adjusting properties that will keep it cool in the heat. Cork can, however, fade in extreme sunlight so be sure not to leave it directly exposed to sunlight in the day. But if maintained properly, it is a highly attractive and durable material for your floors.


Unlike wood, bamboo floors have a higher resistance against damp and are not suitable for mold growth, meaning they do well in humid temperatures. And unlike wood, bamboo floors do not absorb as much heat. Bamboo is a good alternative for someone looking for a natural material for their floors but wants them to be comfortable to walk barefoot on in the day. As long as you can afford a high-quality kind and be able to maintain it, it will last just as long as traditional hardwood floors.

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