Fulshear, TX Garage Floor Coatings : Epoxy & Polyurea Polyaspartic

Bullion Coatings has successfully installed garage floor coatings in the Fulshear, TX area for many years. We are expert handlers of Epoxy coatings, polyurea and polyaspartic sealants. Bullion Coatings is a leading installer of Sundek products in the entire Houston region. The weather in the region is generally warm, humid near the Gulf, with ample rainfall. Weather and corrosive particles in the air are prime sources of damage to cement and concrete surfaces.

Fulshear,TX Garage Floor

Epoxy coatings protect floors; add a finished look, and resistance to moisture and chemicals. It creates value by preserving floors and saves money by making maintenance easier.
In a humid and hot area, polyurea polyaspartic sealants are critical to extending the useful life of cement and concrete surfaces. Necessary to block the corrosive effects of moisture in combination with airborne pollutants, these sealants are an effective method to keep moisture out of the surface’s seams and pores.

Bullion Coatings is eager to demonstrate the benefits to homeowners and businesses of its line of garage floor coatings. We can brighten garage spaces and enhance safety. Garage spaces must be able to maintain traction despite occasional wetness and maintain its appearance with frequent chemical spills. Our company will gladly provide product information, prices, services, and quotes.

Call us today 281) 407-0779 for free estimate.  Bullion Coatings prides itself on excellent customer service, which begins with the first call or email. The effort does not end until we have a totally satisfied customer.

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