Garage Floor Systems Available in Cypress,TX

Bullion Coatings gives you a way to improve your garage floor in Cypress. If you’re unhappy with the bare concrete that’s currently in your garage, there’s a way for you to change it. You don’t have to take the DIY approach. We’ll come in and apply a special sealant that’s easy for you to clean. Best of all, it’s available with an ultra slip resistant additive so you never have to worry about a slick surface.

Cypress,TX Garage Floor

Cypress, TX is one of the highest income cities in Texas. With a population of just over 100,000 people, it’s a place you call home. It gets hot in the summer and you will want to keep your garage door open when you work. To avoid unsightly stains being noticed by the neighbors, the easiest solution is to avoid stains altogether.

Epoxy is a simple option for your garage floor systems. It’s water-based and easy to maintain. For a faster curing coating, there’s also polyurea polyaspartic, which is stain and abrasion resistant. Both can mop up any marks and spills quickly.

You’ll find that we offer a number of services designed to improve the aesthetics of your garage. The sealant comes in an array of colors. It’s also possible to find ones with quartz or vinyl flecks to enhance the look even further.

Visit our website at http:/ We have a significant amount of information that you need to know about garage floor systems.You can also call us at (281) 407-0779 to ask questions and to schedule a free estimate.

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