Home Interior Tips & Ideas From the Pros

Truth be told, there is no secret handbook in interior design. There are no specific rules or laws to follow. Each homeowner is unique, having their own desires, dreams, and intuition. However, there are some principles, tricks if you may, that guide pros in creating aesthetically pleasing interiors. Each one tried and proven to be effective. These are not even something that would require years to learn and master. In fact, anyone can do these on their own. Ready for them? Here goes:

Choose Basic Materials

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Unless you have the time, money, and energy to maintain rare and expensive materials, then indulge. However, it is more practical to choose basic but versatile materials, such as concrete on interior floors. If you don’t favor the utilitarian look of the gray surface, concrete staining can do the trick. Stained concrete floors look amazing. More so if you use acid stains. These create random tones and effects that make the floor look like natural stone or leather. Make sure to hire an experienced concrete contractor to apply the stain. This is to ensure the best results.

Hang Wall Decor at Eye-Level

There is the misconception that wall decor, especially paintings, should be hung in the middle of the wall. This would be absolutely ridiculous in interiors with very high ceilings. Wall decor is meant to be looked at and what better way to look at them but at eye-level? You would not want guests to throw their head back far enough to see whatever is on your wall. The average level is about 57 to 60 inches from the floor.

Have One Focal Point

Just like in movies, there should be one lead role in each room in the house. In the living room, emphasize the focal point to give the eye one point to look at for a longer time. If everything has a role, it could be confusing and too noisy for the eyes. Put a large painting atop a fireplace. Hang an elaborate light fixture above the dining table, low enough to be viewed but high enough to not distract or block.

Explore Your Creativity

Sometimes, you have to just forget about principles to achieve satisfaction. Your imagination fuels your creativity. Want a hot pink pillow in a sea of lime green ones? Go for it. Whatever makes you happy. Strictly sticking to a theme, even if it gives you only half a smile, is not worth it.

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