Houston City: An Overview of H-Town

Downtown Houston

Houston, located near the Gulf of Mexico, specifically in Southeast Texas, is the city with the highest population in the state of Texas. It was founded on the 28th of August, 1836 and was named after General Sam Houston, the former president of the Republic of Texas. The city was discovered near the banks of Allen’s Landing, formerly the Buffalo Bayou, and was established as a city on the 5th of June, 1837.

Its increase in population can be greatly attributed to its progressive port, railroad, and oil industries. The economy of Houston is based mostly in aeronautics, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, oilfield equipment, and transportation. Because of its strengths in business, entertainments, international trade, fashion, media, and more. It is also home to 26 Fortune 500 companies, but New York holds the spot for the most Fortune 500 companies in a city.  It is a popular tourist destination because of its diverse talent and beautiful attractions, attracting over 7 million visitors annually. It is home to the Texas Medical Center, which is the largest healthcare and research institution in the world. NASA’s Johnson Space center can also be found in this city, earning it the nickname “Space City”.

Houston is the most diverse city in the US when it comes to ethnicity and race. However, despite its numerous ethnic cuisines and dishes, its main food feature is barbecue, all thanks to their sunny and outdoorsy weather. It is also considered as one of the most affordable places to live in when it comes to housing rates as well as the cost of daily living. Because of its rich economy and industries, it offers a lot of jobs. This is the reason why its unemployment rate in the city of Houston is way below the national level.

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