How to Clean and Maintain an Epoxy Flooring

Cleaning and maintenance are a big deal to homeowners. It takes a huge chunk of their precious time and energy. So, when choosing a floor covering, go with an epoxy flooring. It requires very minimal upkeep as compared to other floor materials.

If you currently have an epoxy garage floor, here are some good tips on how to clean and maintain your garage floors:

  • Wipe spills with a paper towel or cloth. Although grease, oil, chemicals, and water will not penetrate the epoxy coating, it would be better to wipe it immediately to prevent slippery areas.
  • Epoxy floors only require occasional routine maintenance. This is easily done with just a soft broom or a dust mop. Dry mop if there is not much dirt and wet mop only when necessary.
  • If the epoxy floor gets heavily soiled, remove loose debris first using a soft broom. Mix some clear ammonia, around 4 to 5 ounces, in a gallon of hot water and use it to mop the soiled area.
  • Pre-treatment compounds used on roads during the Winter season can make an epoxy floor hazy. This is not permanent and can be removed with hot water using a deck brush. If it does not immediately get off, continuous rinsing may be necessary.
  • Rust stain is one of the most stubborn stains on the planet. If you find one on your garage floor, use a kitchen scrubbing pad and hot water to remove it.
  • Consult the professional contractor who installed your epoxy floor before using any special chemical-based, soap-based, or acid-based cleaners. This includes floor cleaners with citrus or vinegar content.
  • Always have a mat by the entrance of a garage where people can wipe their shoes off before entering. This helps minimize dirt, soil, snow, and water from getting on the floor.
  • If you have a motorcycle, use a computer mouse pad or a piece of rubber under the kickstand. This will help keep the steel kickstand from scratching the epoxy coating.
  • If you do a lot of welding, use welding mats to keep the floor protected. Although epoxy is resistant to most types of damaging elements, repeated exposure may weaken it. Using a mat helps extend the lifespan of the flooring.
  • For jack stands, place half-inch plywood pieces under them especially when dealing with heavy loads. Excessive weight may cause the coating to weaken and break.
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