Front Yard Walkways: Improve to Impress

Curb appeal refers to how people see your house as they walk past it on the street. This is important not only because it could make or break how people perceive you as the homeowner, but because it can have a huge impact on the value of your property as a whole. One of the features that people see first is the front yard walkway leading to the main door of a home. If you are not fully satisfied with how it looks now, there are easy ways to upgrade it to your liking.

Beautifully Resurfaced Concrete Front Yard Walkway

The Power of Three

When thinking of a design or style, there are three important factors that you have to take into full consideration to make sure that your choice is appropriate and functional.

  • Width
  • Shape or Style
  • Material

Let’s go through each one to discuss options and to help make decision-making a lot easier.

How wide is wide enough?

Determining the appropriate dimensions for your walkway depends on how often it is actually used and what it is used for. If you host parties frequently and expect a lot of guests, a narrow walkway would make it seem like your guests are lining up to get inside. Make it wide enough so a group of two or three could walk upon it together side by side. The minimum width is four feet but most contractors would recommend five feet.

Curvy or Straight?

Straight walkways are more appropriate for homes with elaborate and formal themes, like Victorian-inspired designs. This helps balance the complex design of the house with a simple walkway out front. Curved types, on the other hand, is great for informal home themes, like a Mediterranean style. It is important to note to keep the number of curves to a minimum. Several curves may encourage people to take a shortcut across your lawn instead of having to deal with going left and right repeatedly.

Concrete, Stone, or Pavers?

The materials mentioned above are three of the most ideal products to use for front yard walkways because they are safe to walk on even on wet weather. For each one, there are several options you may want to look into:

  • front-entry-stamped overlay
    Stamped Concrete Walkway

    Concrete – The most common, not to mention most affordable, of them all is concrete. There are several designs available to help customize your walkway and match it to your home. One of the most popular is stamped concrete which could be stamped to resemble hand-carved stone, slate, big large rocks, tile, brick, and more.

  • Stone – Although highly appealing and durable, real natural stone can be quite expensive. If you really want to incorporate this, you may want to use it as a border instead.
  • Pavers – If you opt for pavers, you may want to consider concrete over brick because it is cheaper and more versatile. These can be customized to a pattern of your preference.
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