Interior Concrete Floor Design Ideas that Will Rock Your World

Concrete has been a popular material choice for most construction and home improvement projects but both designers and homeowners are getting more and more excited because of the many possibilities that it has to offer now. Many are welcoming and embracing the use of decorative concrete into their homes because of its versatility. Whether it is enhanced with concrete stains, custom stamps, or a series of polishing, it has definitely gained the approval of many people who are meticulous about floor designs.

Types of Concrete Floor Design Methods

What’s not to like about concrete? It’s a great enhancement to any indoor space, it requires minimal maintenance, and it is ideal for people with allergies. If your interest is increasing and you are eager to use it in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or any other interior floor, take a look at these great concrete floor design ideas first to add to your options:

stained concrete houston
Acid Stained Interior Floor
  • Stained Concrete- Staining concrete is probably the most popular decorative concrete enhancement at present. There is nothing more decorative than the colors and effects that you get when you stain concrete. Water-based stains are great for a specific pattern or design on a concrete floor. It produces solid colors whose intensity can be controlled. Acid stain concrete solutions, on the other hand, induce chemical reactions that produce unique and random colors and patterns on the floor. For this reason, no two acid-stained floors look exactly the same.
  • polished concrete
    Polished Concrete Floor

    Polished Concrete – Because of recent advances in polishing techniques and equipment, concrete is quickly becoming a highly ideal flooring material that can look highly polished even without waxes or coatings. This can be done on both old and new concrete slabs. Aggregate, glass, and even small pebbles can be integrated into it to add character and design. It can also be stained to give the look of polished stone.

  • stamped concrete
    Stamped Concrete

    Stamped Concrete- Ideal for kitchens, stamped concrete floors are an affordable alternative to any type of natural stone or paver. This is probably the most perfect way to show concrete’s versatility. It can be stamped with patterns of your desire. The most common are flagstone, brick, cobblestone, and more. Often, these are hand-stained to mimic the look of the material it is being substituted for.

garage epoxy flooring
Garage Epoxy Floor
  • Epoxy Flooring- Ideal for indoor use, epoxy floor coatings is highly recommended for resurfacing old concrete garage and basement floors. Aside from the tremendous durability that these rooms require, epoxy can be customized to look stunning and elegant.

There are many other concrete design options out there interior floors. Just make sure that you hire a professional who knows how to stain concrete, stamp it, grind it to a polish, and coat it with an epoxy coating to ensure the best possible results.

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