How to Keep Your Stained Concrete Floors Look Like New

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Concrete staining is a popular way of enhancing the look of any concrete surface. Just like most decorative concrete options in Houston, it requires cleaning and maintenance to make it look new all the time. Whether you used a water-based or acid stained concrete floors, they require minimal effort in keeping it in good shape. Here is a simple guide to help you out:

Step 1: Add Floor Mats in Entry Points

If you have stained interior floors, installing floor mats by the doorway will keep sand, dirt, and other abrasives from entering and scratching the stained surface. There are certain floor mats that are even stiff enough to scrub off that debris from the bottom of the shoes. Make sure to regularly clean these floor mats to keep debris from building up.

Step 2: Put Floor protectors in Furniture

Floor protectors are adhesive felt or rubber thingies you can put under the feet of chairs and tables. This help prevents furniture from scratching the surface of the stained floor, especially chairs that are frequently moved in and out from where they are placed.

Step 3: Sweep and Dust Mop

Using a soft-bristled broom, sweep off any dust or debris on the floor. Use a brush on hard-to-reach areas or corners. Using a flat dust mop, go through the stained floor until the loose dust is removed.

Step 4: Damp Mop with Neutral Cleaners

A damp then follows the dust mopping. This removes any stubborn dirt or dust on the surface. It is highly recommended to use water but if you prefer to use a cleaning product, make sure not to use anything that contains bleach, ammonia, or vinegar. These certain ingredients could alter or ruin the surface that underwent a water-based or acid staining procedure.

Step 5: Refinish the Surface

Before you do this, make sure to consult with the concrete contractor who installed the concrete stain. There are certain concrete sealers that protect the stained floor and keep it looking shiny and new for a couple of years or more, depending on how heavy the foot traffic is. If your floor does not have a layer of sealer, there are waxes that you can apply after every cleaning process to make it shiny again. Such waxes need to be reapplied every time the floor starts to lose its shine.

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