Layer Outdoor Floors With Stained Concrete Deep Hues & Rich Colors

Bullion Coatings offers decorative flooring treatments such as concrete staining in Baytown, TX and surrounding communities. Using innovative stains from Sundek, our flooring professionals create beautiful, durable surfaces for hotel lobbies, restaurants, patios, pool decks and basements. Our three different types of stains can be used together or separately to create the exact look our customers desire.

Baytwon, TX Decorative Concrete Staining

Our acid stain product, SunAcid, provides a translucent finish perfect for natural looks and great for layering over darker stains. It is sprayed onto cement surfaces and then neutralized with water. This process bonds the stain to molecules in the cement so the stain cannot possibly crack or peel.

Often customers order SunAcid to be applied over a darker SunDye application. SunDye is soluble by both water and acetone. Applications using acetone result in a monotone look with deeper hues. This stain dries quickly and provides a quick, affordable solution for our customers who need fast turn around on flooring projects.

SunH2O, Sundek’s water-based stain, can be layered to create deep hues and rich color combinations unavailable with other types of stains. These distinctive designs are ideal for offices, pool decks, ballrooms and a variety of public areas.

You can learn more about concrete staining and the other services we provide in Baytown by calling us at (281) 407-0779. To get a free estimate for your own cement finishing project, fill out the convenient online request-a-quote form.

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