Decorative concrete in Bellaire, Texas

Are you discouraged because you’ve been led to believe that you can’t renovate your property without making a staggering investment in new materials? Get to know the contractors at Bullion Coatings, and find out how you can unlock the possibilities of the concrete surfaces you already have.

Decorative concrete in Bellaire, Texas
Decorative concrete in Bellaire, Texas

Bullion Coatings is an exclusive Sundek dealer in Houston with an incomparable A+plus rating from the Better Business Bureau. Select a concrete contractor with more than 30 years of professional experience working in your area, and enjoy designer appeal without paying designer prices.

Bellaire’s first choice for concrete projects

Following the close of World War II, Bellaire joined many U.S. cities in welcoming a population boom. Since that time, Harris County’s “City of Homes” has become known for its many residential properties, many of which have cropped up on large lots suitable for below-ground pools and detached garages. At home in the Houston area for more than three decades, Bullion Coatings enjoys a proven track record for renovating and reimagining outdated or damaged concrete surfaces.

Concrete resurfacing

Don’t have your old concrete hauled away to the dump. Give it new form and function with concrete resurfacing, and you won’t believe the changes in your outdoor patio, pool deck, breezeways or floors.

Sundek Classic Texture

Summer gatherings stop being entertaining when sun-blasted pool decks sting bare feet. Ask about Sundek Classic Texture, an application that uses cutting-edge technology to keep the poolside cool and slip-resistant.

Concrete staining

Bullion Coatings boasts one of the industry’s finest selections of colored stains in a spectrum of designer shades, and concrete’s natural properties make it a perfect candidate for long-lasting stain applications. Choose a subtle color transfer or an audacious new contrast, and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that these treatments will resist peeling and chipping for decades to come.

Stamped concrete overlays

Concrete stamping is an affordable way to add dimension and design to otherwise unremarkable surfaces. Welcome to the world of decorative concrete: Enjoy the beauty of tile, stone, wood, brick or cobblestone without spending a mint on costly textiles.

Polyaspartic floor coverings

Don’t rely on guesswork when you’re making important decisions about floor treatments. Bullion Coatings is here to introduce you to the unique benefits of urethane, acrylic, epoxy or polyurea floor coverings, and experts can help you find the solution that works best for your property.

Epoxy floors

Your garage is one of your property’s most functional rooms, but it doesn’t have to tell visible tales about its decades of wear and tear. Ask Bullion Coatings about the advantages of epoxy garage floors; if you like the results, consider epoxy treatments for your interior floors.

Start today

Contractors at Bullion Coatings are standing by with answers to all of your residential or commercial concrete questions. Engage Bellaire’s most respected professionals for concrete repairs, innovations and proactive solutions. Reach out today at (281) 407-0779 or, and complete the convenient contact form to receive a free quote now.

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