Premier Residential Pool Deck Resurfacing

Clear Lake, TX residential homeowners and business owners can have their pool deck refinishing needs taken care of by Bullion Coatings. We are a team of professionals who seek to provide excellent work to people in and around Clear Lake. We are the company to call when a deck, patio, or other outdoor work needs resurfacing.

When a deck needs to be resurfaced, we use Sundek Classic Texture. This product truly does a fantastic job in keeping decks looking wonderful. Our work begins by mixing the classic texture and evenly spraying on a concrete surface. A stencil or template can be used to form a decorative pattern that will last for quite a long time. In addition to this, there are fine colors that can be added to further a look. The new surface is comfortable to walk on, and it is cool to the touch when compared to traditional cement. After this, we add a final refinish coat to seal concrete pool deck. When our work is complete, the deck looks fabulous. We are available to refinish or reseal a surface that shows signs of wear and tear. Furthermore, we can eliminate chipping, flakes, or cracks on a deck.

When in need of pool deck refinishing, think of Bullion Coatings. We believe that the Sundek Classic Texture is a great answer for many problems that decks experience. We are a company of character, and we value being open and upfront with our services and costs. Therefore, people can receive a free estimate on our work by giving us a call at (281) 407-0779. Folks may receive a free quote by filling the Request Form found in this page.

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