Acrylic Cement Coating Experts in TX

Acrylic Cement For Pool DeckBullion Coatings offers acrylic cement coating installation services in the Conroe, TX area. We feature repairs, refinishing, and resurfacing installations featuring Sundek Classic Texture. With many years of success in this pleasant Texas community, we are familiar with local weather conditions. We can make recommendations for effective protections for outdoor cement surfaces. We offer a no-cost estimate and we customize services to meet clients’ needs.

Sundek Classic Texture is a durable and low cost solution for enhancing and protecting concrete surfaces. Whether for pool decks, patios, or entryway areas, this amazing product will protect surfaces, mute surface heat build-up, and provide excellent traction even in wet conditions. Pool deck and patio installations provide a dramatic change that will impress guests and neighbors. The rich colors and elegant designs leave a lasting impression. If there is an unfinished concrete area, we can resurface the location to add vibrant colors and a long lasting protective coating. For older sealed installations, we can re-color and re-seal the area to provide a fresh look and a like new appearance. In applications such as entryways and driveways, it prevents dirt, grime, chemicals, and oil spills from soaking into the surface. This feature can reduce the costs and effort needed for maintenance.

Bullion Coatings welcomes calls and questions from area residents about our acrylic cement coating installations. Please call (281) 407-0779 or fill up the request form in this page. You may also e-mail us at for more inquiries on how we can work together for you to achieve your dream home or business surface.

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