Captivating & Economical Outdoor Installations Using Sundek Classic Texture

Bullion Coatings has assisted many homeowners in the Corpus Christi, TX area to improve the visual appeal of their property with an acrylic cement coating from Sundek, a leading company in the industry. Concrete is a cost-effective surface material for a pool deck and patio as well as an entryway and driveway due to its durability. The drab, gray appearance of concrete that may be a turn-off for some can be overcome with the application of a Sundek Classic Texture decorative pattern and color scheme.

Corpus Christi, TX  Driveway Installation

An attractive alternative to plain cement, the variety of styles and colors available with stamped concrete opens up a wealth of possibilities for incorporating hardscapes into and enhancing the look of an overall landscape design. Options include Custom Scoreline, Tuscan, and Masonry Effects. When properly sealed, stamped concrete is a durable, low-maintenance surface. An acrylic coating also prevents dirt, oil, and chemicals from penetrating the surface.

In addition to new installations, we have the ability to resurface and refinish existing concrete, restoring its luster to a like new condition. Along with being unsightly, cracks, chips and flaking can pose a potential safety hazard. Using Sundek Classic Texture, we can reseal and refinish your pool deck, patio, entryway, or driveway even if it has had a previous decorative surface application. The result is a functional, slip-resistant surface that is cooler than plain concrete. For more information and a free estimate on how our acrylic cement coating can improve the appearance of your Corpus Christi area hardscape, contact Bullion Coatings at (281) 407-0779.

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