Decorative concrete in Galena Park, Texas

If you’ve been procrastinating about refurbishing your home or business because you dread the mess and expense of large-scale renovations, now’s the perfect time to explore the possibilities of decorative concrete.

Decorative concrete in Galena Park, Texas

An exclusive Sundek dealer with more than 30 years of experience in Houston, Bullion Coatings has a track record backed by an A-plus ranking from the Better Business Bureau. Trust concrete contractors who know Galena Park and its people, climate and economy.

At home in Galena Park

The city now known as Galena Park has undergone numerous changes since its original settlement in 1835. Once a ranching center, the area became a railroad hotspot and then a refinery hub before shifting a majority of its commerce to shipping. The city has seen its fair share of challenges as a result of a changing economy, and the professionals at Bullion Coatings have a unique understanding of the resilience and enterprising spirit that have long characterized this part of Texas.

Concrete resurfacing

Your old concrete isn’t destined for the junkyard, and you don’t have to exist for months on a property that looks like a cluttered construction site. Let Bullion Coatings help you make the most of the materials you already have, and enjoy spectacular results you’ll be proud to share with guests or clients.

Stamped concrete overlays

Stamped concrete overlays are your ticket to designer looks and textures that won’t cost you a fortune. Choose a concrete contractor who wants to help you save: Ask Bullion Coatings about designs created to mimic brick, tile, slate, cobblestone or wood.

Concrete staining

Concrete is easier to stain than many other substances are; why not modernize yours with a bold new color? These long-lasting applications also treat concrete to help it resist peeling and chipping during Galena Park summers.

Sundek Classic Texture

A pool is a considerable advantage in Texas in August, but there’s nothing refreshing about an uncomfortable pool deck and dangerous, slippery surfaces. Learn more about Sundek Classic Texture, a revolutionary treatment designed to keep the poolside safe.

Epoxy floors

Why go to the trouble of refinishing your surfaces every few years when you could be investing in a single application that will keep your floors looking fresh for decades? Find out how to keep your garage floors shining with epoxy treatments that fight scuff marks and grease spots, saving you time and elbow grease.

Polyaspartic floor treatments

What does chemistry have to do with your flooring? Consult Bullion Coatings about the advantages of urethane, epoxy, acrylic or polyurea floor treatments, and get sound advice on which of these options best meets your property’s needs.

Act today

Don’t let your outdated surfaces keep you in a rut; use what you have to benefit from the industry’s latest trends in cutting-edge concrete designs. Experienced contractors are standing by with solutions for all of your commercial or residential concrete projects. Contact Bullion Coatings at or (281) 407-0779, and complete the online contact form to receive a personalized quote now.

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