Galena Park,TX Pool Deck Coating: Sundek Classic Texture

Pool Deck Resurfacing Contractors In Houston, TXBullion Coatings has the pool deck refinishing that people need in Galena Park, TX. We provide residential & commercial establishments with a durable coating that enhances the appearance & function of your pool. The Sundek Classic Texture that we use enhances the look of the exterior of a facility.

The coating that we use that gives us fantastic results is Sundek Classic Texture. We begin the process resurfacing a concrete deck by creating a specialized mixture. After the mixture has been thoroughly prepared, we use a unique tool to spread it evenly on the surface of the concrete deck. Our associates take special care to ensure that the coating has been applied properly. We offer our customers a great number of colors and styles in which the new surface can look.

Time and weather can work against the seal of concrete deck. Therefore, it is necessary to put a new seal on the surface. The color of the deck may fade, but we can reseal the deck and color the surface once again. If people would prefer a different color, we have color options from which they can choose the right one.

Besides a deck needing to be resealed, there may be cracks and chips that need to be taken care of. We can completely resurface an area with a decorative design or trendy color scheme. Our work gives new live to a concrete deck.

When people contact us, we can give more information on the swimming pool concrete deck coatings that they need. For a free estimate, call us at 281-407-0779. If people prefer to e-mail a request form, visit our website

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