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Galena Park, TX Pool Decking IdeasBullion Coatings offers acrylic cement coatings in the Galena Park, TX area. We provide economical and durable protective coatings featuring the remarkable Sundek Classic Texture. With years of successful installations in the region, we can recommend services to meet customer’s needs. For unfinished cement areas, we recommend resurfacing to cover flaking, splitting, and cracking surfaces. If there is an older sealed installation, we recommend re-coloring the area and re-sealing with a hard-wearing protective coating.

Outdoor living spaces can be used year-around in this sunny, warm region. We understand the importance of protecting these areas with a long-lasting, appealing, protective finish. For homeowners seeking a complete makeover, we recommend Sundek Classic Texture. This customizable system can be finished in a brick, tile, or stone pattern. One can use connecting lines to conceal surface repairs, and rich colors to blend the overall design. This excellent product is a highly effective choice for pool deck areas and patios. It improves footing in wet conditions, and mutes surface temperatures in intense sunlight. The available designs, colors, and patterns provide eye-catching beauty that will impress friends and guests.

The stain resistance feature is important for driveway and entryway applications. The protective coatings form a barrier against soaked-in stains. This reduces the need for cleanups and lowers the cost of maintenance. Traction and foot safety are also important considerations in high traffic areas.

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