Acrylic Cement Coating Installations Adaptable To Any Weather

Pool Decking Services HoustonBullion Coatings offers acrylic cement coating installations in the Jacinto City, TX area. We provide expert installations featuring the Sundek Classic Texture. We understand the effects of heat and rain on cement surfaces in this sunny and warm region. We customize services to meet client’s needs.

Based upon years of successful engagements in the area, we can recommend solutions to nearly every situation. For untreated concrete areas prone to flake, chip, and crack from exposure to weather conditions, we recommend resurfacing. This process will provide color and long-term protection. If there is an old sealed installation, we can give it a like new appearance. We can re-color and re-seal the area. For a dramatic transformation, we can treat any area with Classic Texture, and customize the installation. With templates and added materials, we can simulate brick, tile, and stone finishes.

Sundek Classic Texture is a great choice for pool deck and patio locations. It improves footing in wet conditions, and helps reduce surface heat build-up in intense sunlight. The rich colors and customizable finishes leave a remarkable, eye-catching appearance, which will impress guests and visitors. The resistance to oil and chemical stains is an important feature for driveway and entryway applications. By blocking chemicals that soak into cement, it can reduce maintenance costs.

At Bullion Coatings, we welcome calls and questions about our economical and long-lasting acrylic cement coating installations. Call (281) 407-0779 today for more details on our services and for a free quote. You may also browse our website to see our past works. Contact us now!

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