Brilliant Color Contrasts For Your Indoor Floor

Bullion Coatings offers expert concrete staining services in the Jacinto, TX area. Using high-quality Sundek products, our skilled installation teams can transform any interior or outdoor space. Richly tinted cement surfaces offer amazing depth and brilliance. With a variety of combinations and finishes, floors will highlight customer designs and decor themes. Customers can choose wet-looks, matched watercolors, and deep gloss finishes. For unique custom coloration, we can combine acid washes to add tones and contrasts.

Jaconto, TX Interior concrete floor staining

SunDye infuses the cement with rich color saturation. It adds depth to the appearance of the stained surface. Available in a wide range of colors, the results, will blend with nearly any style or decor theme. It can be used as a stand-alone treatment or with acids to blend tones and shades. SunH2O is a water-based concrete stain which provides a precise degree of color control. Excellent for matching and creating brilliant contrasts, this fast-drying treatment works well with outdoor or indoors spaces. SunAcid is a remarkable stain concrete treatment. It combines with chemicals within the cement surface to create bursts of color and highlights. These patterns are unique, and the results feature eye-catching patterns and color blends.

At Bullion Coatings, we welcome calls and questions from Jacinto, TX area residents about our expert concrete staining products and services. Please call (281) 407-0779, we are standing-by to answer queries, provide detailed product information, and arrange free estimates. We provide price information for work at your location. Please fill out a request for quote form, and we will respond promptly. Whether by phone or an email request for quote, we value every opportunity to work with area homeowners.

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