Decorative Concrete Experts in Katy, Texas

Have you delayed modernizing your home or business because you can’t stand the idea of a messy, expensive renovation? It’s time to explore the capabilities of decorative concrete systems.

Decorative Concrete Experts in Katy, Texas

An exclusive Sundek installer with more than 30 years of experience in Houston and surrounding areas, Bullion Coatings has a work record supported by an A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau. Put your trust in a concrete contractor who knows Katy and its residents, economy and climate.

Katy’s choice for residential and commercial concrete projects

Heat, muck and mosquitoes once deterred many frontier men and women from settling in the area now known as Katy, TX. The commerce that followed railroads soon changed that mindset, and the town had landed on a short list of fast-growing Texas cities by the middle of the 20th century.

At home in Houston and its environs for more than three decades, Bullion Coatings knows the heat, muck and mosquitoes as well as any other Texan does. The company’s installations and innovations are specifically designed to suit the needs of the people of Katy and nearby locales.

Concrete resurfacing

Your concrete’s not junkyard fodder; it’s a palette ready for your ideas. Ask Bullion Coatings how you can use the materials you already own to create spectacular effects you’ll be pleased to share with visitors or clients.

Stamped concrete overlays

Fascinating textures and designer looks shouldn’t have to cost you a king’s ransom. Consult Bullion Coatings about stamped concrete overlays designed to save you money while cleverly mimicking the appearance of cobblestone, tile, bricks, wood or slate.

Concrete staining

Don’t part ways with your old concrete without considering your options for color. Update your surfaces with one of the industry’s top selections of acid-based and water-based stains guaranteed to resist chipping and peeling in summer.

Sundek Classic Texture

A pool is an asset for property owners in Texas in July, but there’s nothing fun about uncomfortably hot pool decks and dangerously slippery surfaces. Find out more about Sundek Classic Texture, a treatment designed to keep the poolside fresh, cool and safe.

Epoxy floors

Have oil stains, scuff marks and grease spots convinced you to hide your garage floors from prying eyes? Find out how you can enjoy shining surfaces and stain-busting applications with a single installation of epoxy flooring.

Polyaspartic floor treatments

Would you know where to go for professional advice on floor treatments? Contractors at Bullion Coatings know the individual benefits of acrylic, polyurea, urethane or epoxy options. Let them worry about the science while you make plans to enjoy gorgeous floors for decades.

Act now

Outdated surfaces don’t have to keep you chained to the past. Choose experienced contractors for answers to all of your commercial and residential concrete questions. Get in touch with Bullion Coatings at (281) 407-0779 or, and fill out the contact form to get a free quote today.

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