Garage Flooring Options in Katy,TX

Our garage should be more than a place to park the car. Bullion Coatings offers superior solutions that can turn that space into a place that you’ll be proud of. Our garage flooring options do more than repair and restore that concrete slab. We lay down a beautiful, sealed surface that invites you to open that garage door to all of your Katy, TX, neighbors.

Katy TX Garage Floor

Seamless Beauty

If you’ve ever admired a car dealer’s showroom floor, we bring that same seamless shine to your garage with our SunEpoxy flooring option. This slip-resistant coating stands up to heavy wear and tear with a surface that resists stains and harsh chemicals. We start the process by addressing repairs to your existing concrete and laying down the epoxy coating. This will be followed by a seal coat that ensures years of easy-to-clean beauty.

Industrial Durability

Our SunOne polyurea polyaspartic coating provides a superior level of long-lasting, concrete-sealing durability. The application process is the same as our SunEpoxy option, and both floorings offer a great range of color and texture choices. With SunOne, you also enjoy a special flexibility that resists cracking and easily absorbs sudden weight increases. As an extra advantage, the SunOne upgrade can usually be completed in just one day.

Give Us a Call.

Imagine a garage floor that’s beautiful, stain-resistant and easy to clean. Whether you want to turn that space into a personal gym or expand the home workshop, we have your ideal garage flooring solution. Give our friendly staff a call today for more information at (281) 407-0779. Our estimates are always free here at Bullion Coatings, and we look forward to bringing out the best in your garage.


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