Pool Deck Repair: Sundek Classic Texture

pool-decking-resurfacingBullion Coatings provides pool deck refinishing and resurfacing to keep Houston-area residents cool even during the hottest of summers. In Katy, TX, we serve more than 4,000 households from Bear Creek to Cinco Ranch. Our professional team relies on Sundek Classic Texture to transform outdoor areas, whether they need a full repair or just a cosmetic update. Our concrete contractors can even modernize, recolor and reseal decking that has been resurfaced by someone else in the past. Customers will surely love that comfortable walking surfaces.

Sundek Classic Texture has been an industry-leading product for more than 40 years. Hotels, amusement parks and recreation centers have all counted on its slip-resistant technology to deliver a comfortable and safe outdoor experience. This proprietary acrylic cement coating stays degrees cooler than traditional concrete, making it ideal for spots that receive lots of direct sunlight. Classic Texture can withstand a beating from rainstorms, high traffic and children’s stains.

We can spray this textured coating onto concrete decking, patios, driveways, walkways and more. Many Houston-area clients combine the application with a stone, brick or tile pattern to get exactly the look they want. We can colorize and seal your pool surround project so that it matches your building’s facade and your landscaping elements.

Our designers and installers impress homeowners and business managers across southeast Texas. When you are ready to work with the best local pool deck refinishing company and to know more about your pool deck repair options call (281) 407-0779. 

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