Easy-to-Clean & Durable Acrylic Cement Coating Installations

Katy, TX Acrylic Cement Coating WalkwayBullion Coatings serves the Katy, TX area offering acrylic cement coating products and services. With years of successful experience in this warm, sunny Texas region, we have tailored our services to meet customer needs. We can improve entertainment spaces and provide hard-wearing protection for driveways, walkways, and entryways.

Unfinished concrete surfaces can chip, split, and crack when exposed to heat, sunlight, and rain. We offer resurfacing services for unfinished areas. We can add color and protective coatings to improve the appearance and provide long-lasting protection. We recommend refinishing for any prior sealed installation such as patios, poolside areas, or pathways. We can re-color the area in a wide range of rich tones, and re-seal the entire installation for durable protection and excellent appearance.

Total re-surfacing with Sundek Classic Texture is the ideal choice to transform a pool deck or patio area. It adds function and remarkable beauty to entertainment areas. With available customizable finishes, homeowners can choose among brick, tiles, stone, or score line styles. Two features are of particular importance in applications like driveways, walkways and entryways. First, that the treatment improves traction and makes footing more secure in wet conditions; and second, that the protective coatings prevent dirt build-ups and resist chemical stains. The coatings prevent soaked-in oil stains, which are the primary source of expensive and time-consuming clean-ups.

Bullion Coatings welcomes calls and comments from area residents on our acrylic cement coating products and installations. Please call today at (281) 407-0779, we have courteous and helpful staff standing-by to answer questions, help with orders, handle quotes, and no-cost estimates. Residents can also find details on our outstanding Sundek products and skillful installation services here in our website.

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