Weatherproof Outdoor Concrete Floorings

Residential DrivewayAre you looking for a reliable contractor that does driveway concrete resurfacing and other acrylic cement coating services? Even if you work from home or rarely drive your car, every time that you move your vehicle across that surface, you leave behind traces of your presence. This can include oil and fluids that leak out from your engine and cracks and chips caused by your tires. If you live in Pasadena, TX or one of its surrounding areas, you’re in luck. You can call us to find out how our Sundek product can take care of the stains and damage on your driveway.

Using Sundek Products

Using Sundek Classic Texture is easier than you probably think. After making an appointment for concrete resurfacing or repair for your pool deck, entryway, patio or other cement space, we’ll come to your home to get a look at the space . Once we work with you to choose the right color, texture and product, we will get right to work. Most homeowners find that they can use the space again the day after the product dries.

Does It Really Work?

Sundek Classic Texture absolutely does work. Regardless of where you use it, you’ll find that it leaves behind no trace of that damage that you saw before. It reduces the appearance of cracks, chips and scratches, and it also hides the old color and texture behind a new layer. Residents of Fulshear, Cypress, The Woodlands and Clear Lake, TX call on us every day for assistance. When you call us here at Bullion Coatings, you can join the ranks of our happy and satisfied customers. For questions about our acrylic cement coating, call (281) 407-0779.

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