Invest In A Colorful Outdoor & Indoor Concrete Stain

Concrete Acid StainDo you live in the Pearland area of TX and wonder if stained concrete is right for you? Many of our customers call us after buying a new home and discovering that there is some damage to the driveway or entryway, but other customers call us after noticing that the sealant on their pool deck or patio no longer works effectively. No matter how big or how small your problem is, our concrete staining services are right for you.

Staining Innovations With Sundek

Sundek staining products can give your home a glow and translucent grandeur. Our SunAcid, SunH2O, and SunDye products will turn your floors into colorful art flooring installations. Aside from it is economical, easy to clean, and beautiful, it is a good investment because it lasts longer and can be installed fast! Whether it is for an outdoor or indoor floor, our staining innovations are made to stand high traffic floorings!

A Splash Of Colors On Your Floor

We can mix and match different colors to create a custom shade for your driveway, patio or entryway. As it pours over the surface, it fills in the gaps, cracks and other problems, and once it dries, it leaves behind a smooth and safe surface. Here at Bullion Coatings, we encourage those interested in concrete staining who live in Pearland to call us at (281) 407-0779!

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