Decorative Concrete Floorings Perfect For Any Weather

Port of Aransas,TX Pool Deck RefinishingBullion Coatings is the dependable company that people in Port of Aransas, TX trust to provide the wonderful acrylic cement coating by Sundek. This coating does a memorable job on many surfaces like a pool deck or patio. Our experienced professionals are ready to take care of any concrete surface that needs assistance.

We understand that a concrete surface may need a completely new coating. The Sundek Classic Texture offers a durable surface that will last for quite a long time. It can be cool to touch and can help to prevent people from slipping. We offer customers many different design and color options. Some people prefer a stone look while other like the idea of a paver look. These options can give people a custom look that will match with their overall style.

Cracks, chips, and flakes can be an embarrassing sight. Fortunately, our professionals can repair these types of problems and resurface the area to make it look new. Furthermore, we can provide a new sealant to a concrete surface. The new look can be quite attractive to visitors and guests.

Home and business owners are invited to contact us at Bullion Coatings for an acrylic cement coating that will provide excellent results. People like the work we do and how the Sundek Classic Texture has made a difference on surfaces like a driveway or an entryway. For more inquiries on our projects and services, you may go through our gallery in this site, or you may call us at (281) 407-0779 and avail of a free estimate.

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