Vibrant Residential Acrylic Cement Coating Installations

Rockport, TX Acrylic Cement Coating InstallationsBullion Coatings offers acrylic cement coatings in the Rockport, TX area. Situated on the Gulf of Mexico, the Rockport area has humid air, hot summers, and abundant rainfall. Concrete surfaces require protection against accelerated deterioration such as flaking, chipping, and splits. We feature repairs, refinishing, and resurfacing with the remarkable Sundek Classic Texture. We can resurface unfinished cement areas. Adding color and protective coatings, we can upgrade the appearance of ordinary concrete areas. For old or worn prior sealed installations we can refinish these areas. This process involves re-tinting and applying new protective coats, and the results are like-new appearances.

Sundek Classic Texture is an ideal solution for pool decks and patios. The colors and finishing designs permit customized results. Owners can choose among masonry effects and a variety of colors and themes. One can transform an area into an elegant showcase of lines and colors that will impress guests and visitors. The textured layers offer remarkable rich colors and depth, but just as important, it reduces slipping in wet conditions. The system is excellent for driveway and entryway applications because it resists dirt build-up, chemical spills, and blocks soaked-in oil stains. These features can reduce maintenance costs and avoid expensive driveway clean-ups.

We at Bullion Coatings encourage calls and questions from Rockport-area homeowners about our acrylic cement coatings. We are eager to provide details and our customized approach to meeting client needs. Phone us at (281) 407-0779 or fill the request form in this page for more inquiries and for a free estimate.

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