Rockport,TX Garage Floor Coatings : Epoxy & Polyurea Polyaspartic

Bullion Coatings is a leading installer of garage floor coatings in the Rockport, TX area. We have built an outstanding record of customer satisfaction through our expert coatings and sealant installations. We offer services to commercial and residential locations. Across the area, conditions have etched the effects of humidity, heat, and corrosive air on metal and porous surfaces. One must apply coatings and sealants to prevent weathering and extend the useful life of floors and surfaces.

Rockport, TX Garage Floor Options
Epoxy coatings add a finished appearance to garage surfaces. They protect floor surfaces and prevent damage and excessive wear. Polyurea and polyaspartic sealants protect cement and concrete surfaces from the effects of weather and corrosive compounds. Sealants are vital to home maintenance. One must protect brick and mortar, cement, and concrete in order to maximize the useful life. Sealing porous materials is a vital step towards avoiding replacement and repair.

Bullion Coatings encourages inquiries from Rockport area residents and businesses about our excellent garage flooring services. We will provide in-depth information on products and services to demonstrate the benefits of our skillful work. Please call or contact our company today to get a free estimate. By phone at (281) 407-0779 and online, http:/, area residents can ask questions, arrange inspections, and receive quotes.

Known for exceptional customer care, we are standing-by eager to work with businesses and homeowners to improve the safety and appearance of garage spaces. Garage space need not be flat and ordinary, do not delay, call or visit today!

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